About Us

Heartful Therapy Training is a collaboration between Cabby Laffy and Shana Laffy with the aim of providing high quality and experiential training to therapist/counsellors and other mental health practitioners on topics relevant to this field.

Heartful Therapy Training offers a variety of courses, 1-day CPD workshops,  certificate courses and weekend events. The teaching is influenced by many schools of thought and offers an integrative view based on up to date research.

As a mirror of our approach to client work (one size does not fit all), our training methods invite students to take the skills on offer and shape them to fit their own style of working. As well as being rooted in theory, all of our training days encourage participants to connect with their intuition and felt sense, reminding us of the complexities and challenges of connection in the modern world.


Cabby Laffy has worked as a psychosexual psychotherapist with individuals and those in relationships for over 30-years. She has facilitated trainings in a diverse range of settings on issues relating to Psychosexual Health. She has supervised therapists trained in counselling and psychotherapy, and also many trained in Bodywork and a wide range of complementary and alternative health therapies.

Drawing on her professional experience and studies into Neuroscience she has developed the integrative Homeodynamic Model. Cabby’s passions include being at the coast, social justice and getting time to write her novel.

Cabby’s book LoveSex: An Integrative Model for Sexual Education (Karnac 2013) presents a model for psychosexual health brings a refreshing and unique approach to psychosexual health, integrating over 20 years of personal and professional development.

This book aims to redress our lack of sexuality education, address social and cultural issues, and to promote psychosexual health.

Cabby is  UKCP registered and NCP accredited psychotherapist, a COSRT accredited psychosexual therapist, a supervisor, a group facilitator, and a member of PCSR.

Cabby has set up The Centre for Psychosexual Health (CPH) and runs a private practice mostly online and is available for one to one and couple therapy, training, and supervision.

Please see www.psychosexualhealth.org.uk for more information or to contact Cabby please email

[email protected]

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Shana Laffy is an Individual and Relationship Therapist, Consultant and Trainer who specialises in working with people experiencing issues around connection, communication and developmental trauma.

Shana originally trained to work with children and young people at ‘The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education’ and continues to offer support to families alongside her work with adults.

Shana has worked in the caring professions for over 20 years, previously in the education and social care sectors, as well as various roles within the mental health field. Shana has a passion and expertise in Safeguarding and has held roles as the Designated Safeguarding Lead for large therapeutic organisations.

As an experienced group trainer, Shana became the co-founder of Heartful Therapy Training in 2019. Alongside this ‘Certificate in Couple and Relationship Therapy’, she facilitates trainings for mental health professionals in using the creative arts in therapy, safeguarding, working with intimate partner and family violence. Shana is an accredited Emotion Coaching Practitioner Trainer, she delivers Emotion Coaching workshops across the country to parents and educators.

Within her private therapy practice in North London, Shana works integratively and incorporates creative arts approaches such as SandStory Therapy®.  She has a strong focus on attachment and neuroscience informed therapy. Shana has been trained in the Developmental Model of Couples therapy with The Couples Institute in the USA.

For more information about Shana please see www.heartfultherapy.co.uk or email shana at [email protected]