Emotion Coaching Training

What is Emotion Coaching?

First observed by John Gottman in the USA, Emotion Coaching is a relational tool that helps children understand and manage their emotions, fostering better relationships. It uses a four-step approach grounded in brain science to manage stress responses. This strategy is teachable and helps individuals feel seen, heard, and understood, enhancing their emotional intelligence and relational skills.

Emotion Coaching involves 4 steps

  • Tuning into the child’s experience with empathy
  • Labelling and validating their emotion (not necessarily their behaviour)
  • Setting expectations (when they are calm)
  • Helping children think about how to do things differently in the future


I am an accredited trainer with Emotion Coaching UK and the co-founder of their national Early Years interest group, I offer Emotion Coaching training to professionals in teams and small groups, with specialised sessions for Early Years and primary staff.

For parents, I provide coaching and consultancy tailored to your family’s needs. Please get in touch to discuss availability and pricing.

Why Attend Emotion Coaching Training?

  • Understand brain development and stress responses.
  • Learn how past experiences influence present behaviour.
  • Explore how children’s behaviour communicates their needs.
  • Practice the four steps of Emotion Coaching to become reflective, not reactive.
  • Acquire tools to regulate children during overwhelming moments.
  • Strengthen your relationships with children through connection rather than correction.

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