Relationship Therapy

What can you expect from Relationship Therapy?

Being ‘in a relationship’ with others can be among the hardest aspects of a person’s life. Relationship Therapy offers a safe space to work through challenges or difficulties and move people towards connection, authenticity and compassion. 

People often come to relationship therapy in crisis, so we need to slow things down and look at the roots of the issues.

Relationship therapy often looks at things like communication, trust, intimacy, conscious connection, parenting, conflict, and making life decisions and changes, managing trauma in your relationship.

I don’t work to a set number of sessions but as the work takes off we can think all together about what a plan might look like. I offer both long and short-term work depending on the client’s needs and circumstances.

I work with relationship clients in a variety of structures/dynamics:

  1. Romantic relationships (between two or more people)
  2. Family relationship (such as siblings or a parent and child),
  3. Friendships,
  4. Business partnerships
  5. Groups

My practice is Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD) inclusive, and I welcome folk from all walks of life.

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