Therapy offers you a confidential space to reflect on your life and experiences with a view to changing unhelpful patterns and coping mechanisms which may hold you back from enjoying life. Having a place to explore what is important to you at your own pace in the company of an empathic and compassionate person can help you to feel validated and heal past experiences. With time, people can find new meaning in their lives and have a greater sense of well-being.

Relationships can be very challenging, and people often find themselves in reoccurring conflicts and arguments. Relationship therapy can help each person feel heard and seen and create a sense of reconnection and romanticism. It can help people get to the core of why differences are causing challenges and increase communication skills.

As kind, compassionate and well-meaning as all your friends and family are, they all have a vested interest in your choices and how you live your life—their helpful advice is rarely completely unbiased. In therapy, the therapist has no connection with your outside life and can help you explore things from an objective viewpoint. With the safety of the confidential agreement, you can talk freely and openly. Therapists are not problem solvers but are there to witness, validate and acknowledge your feelings and emotions.

Sessions are usually weekly for individuals or fortnightly for couples or relationship work. Some fortnightly appointments for individuals are available to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

Everything you share in therapy is strictly confidential, subject to the exceptions in the contract in which the therapist has a legal or ethical duty of care to share. This is usually where someone is at significant risk of harm to you or someone else.

You can call me on 07563558012 or email me at [email protected]. We will then plan a free introductory call of around 10-15 minutes, usually by phone, to see if it is a good fit and talk about practicalities such as when we could meet and what your goal for therapy is.

Individual sessions are £90 and last 50 minutes

Couple and Relationship Therapy is £120 for 1 hour and £180for 90 minutes 

These fees are payable 48 hours in advance of each session.

Research shows that the most important factor in successful therapy is the relationship the client builds with the therapist. You need to feel comfortable, safe, and well-supported. A good therapist will also challenge you to gain self-awareness. 

Always have a session before making any forward decisions. I offer a free 15-minute call, and then we can book a first session. Clients are always free to leave at any time, and we will keep checking in to see if you are getting what you need from therapy. 

This will depend hugely on each unique client and what they bring to the sessions. This can be discussed during the first few appointments. I offer both long-term open-ended therapy and short time-limited work for those who prefer a set number of sessions.

In-person therapy will be offered in Chalk Farm, North London, a 5-minute walk from Chalk Farm tube and a 10-minute walk from Kentish Town West Overground.

There are also many local buses, such as the 24, 46 and 393, very close by. Parking is free after 6.30 pm on the surrounding streets.

I operate a 48-hour cancellation window for all booked and recurring appointments. If you cancel sooner than 48 hours before the session, fees will still be charged. 

I will be as flexible as possible to rearrange appointments with suitable notice, and sessions missed with notice will not be.

If you choose in-person therapy, I work from home in a self-contained garden room. This is a completely confidential space where you will have absolute confidentiality. You will need to walk through my home to access the therapy room, but you will never come into contact with others. I have a dog and a cat who live on the property, they don’t come into the therapy room and the dog can be put in a closed space if you are fearful.